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Welcome to Tilly Pass-Agricultural Trailer Towing Blog.

Farming is blighted by its poor SAFETY record. In 2022 we must act and put safety first and foremost.

The Tilly has been Blogging now for five years ever since the launch of the Tilly pilot

scheme in Bedfordshire.

Tilly Pass is a unique 18 point inspection of agricultural trailers carried out on farm by fully qualified technicians.

All trailer wheels are removed in order to inspect the whole machine.

All trailers must achieve a full Pass to be awarded the Tailgate certificate, displaying a unique number recorded along with the full maintenance record on the agricultural trailer central database.

By giving trailers a unique record of their maintenance throughout their working life we can buy and sell with confidence through a large network of authorised dealerships. By working together with industry leaders we are supporting each other with a clear message of our duty of care and an end to misinformation.

We are happy to help

To find out more or to book your trailers for inspection visit #HeadtoTow


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