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Richard Wester trailers & the Tilly Pass.

As we are coming up to farm safety week, we at Richard Western wanted to remind you to make use of the Free Tilly Pass Head to Tow safety App. This App can be accessed by anyone via the website or downloaded on the App store. The Head to Tow App gives you important safety information and daily check lists that you can use to help ensure that your trailer is maintained and operated correctly. You can also contact Richard Western directly via the App and we will be happy to answer any of your questions regarding our trailers.

As harvest is upon us, we recommend you always carry out your pre harvest checks and make sure you understand how to operate our trailers or spreaders safely. The correct tractor/Trailer combination is also vital for safe operations. Our product operations manuals are available online on our website and we are always here to advise our customers on the safest way to operate our machinery.

Safety is our main concern, and we want to make sure this harvest and every harvest going forward is the safest, so please download the Head to Tow App and make use of all the safety information available to you.

Tilly Pass Farm Safety Foundation - Yellow Wellies #FarmSafetyWeek #HeadtoTow #TillyPass


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