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Harper Adams Uni working with the Tilly Pass & Harry West Trailers to improve #FarmSafety

Today Harry West Trailers will be supporting the first of the 2-day Tilly Pass #HeadtoTow #FarmSafety on-campus sessions.

This important training has now been running for 4 years, and the 2 day interactive will look at why a trailer should have a Tilly Pass inspection - putting a Pass on every tailgate along with the all important #HeadtoTow daily checks. This training will reach over 150 Harper Adams University Students as they start their farming career as well as a refresher for all 4th year students.

A big thank you goes to the West family for their continued support as they Tilly every Harry West Trailer and Spreader as it leaves the factory, along with their hire fleet, giving a strong and clear message of compliance as one of the oldest

and most well respected U.K. manufacturers.

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