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A passing tractor & trailer near-miss.

🚜A near-miss, involving a passing tractor and trailer, jack-knifing and colliding with the farm truck, prompted a farming family to have all their trailers undergo the Tilly Pass Test programme to ensure they were road safe.

As a truly family affair, Ron White (grandfather), Steve White, (father) and Nick White (son) run the pig unit, together with John White (grandfather), Paul White (father) and Andrew White (son) who run the dairy enterprise of FE White & Son, on 350 acres just outside Wootton Bassett.

Recently, an accident occurred, when Steve’s 19-year-old daughter was slowly driving a Nissan Navarra along a narrow country road, when a tractor and empty trailer - travelling at speed in the opposite direction, braked hard and jack-knifed, colliding with the Nissan. Although it caused serious structural damage to the vehicle, luckily, Steve’s daughter was not badly injured, but it could have been worse. It appeared that the brakes on the trailer were not functioning properly.



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