Agricultural trailers legal requirements.

Agricultural trailers are legally required under PUWER 98 Regulations to be in a roadworthy condition - well maintained and in good working order with records of maintenance held by the owner/farmer. 

The Tilly trailer Pass offers the opportunity for trailers to be maintained to the legal standard. An annual  18 point inspection  will be carried out on your farm by authorised mechanics. Upon completion of the test a Tilly certificate will be fixed to the tailgate of your trailer , clearly displaying a Tilly pass unique number. This will be recorded alone with your chassis number for a thorough record of your  maintenance. 

To ask a question or Book your trailer for a Tilly. Contact us below or visit the booking page or location page to enquire about your nearest  authorised mechanic. 

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Booking your trailer for a Tilly Pass inspection. 

Welcome to the Tilly Pass website. Take some time  to read Harry's story below and find out why the correct Agri  trailer maintenance  is so important. 

Visit the location map or trailer booking page, for professional advice, simply fill in the contact box below to talk to  the Tilly team. 

Check the maintenance sheet below for details of the required standard.   

A member of the Tilly team will contact you to answer any questions, and to arrange for an  authorised Tilly technician to visit your farm for the inspection, service and certification of your machine. 

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The Tilly & NFU Mutual join forces

Over the last year  the NFU Mutual have been meeting to establish the best way forward for owners of trailers insured with the Mutual to meet their legal obligations with the HSE PUWER 98 Regs. 

The NFU Mutual sector lead for Farming and Agriculture David Harrison along with the underwriters are updating the sector through their 300  UK agencies with all details on how to comply by contacting the Tilly Pass to book all their trailers/muck spreaders for an inspection. 


NFU Mutual Trailer Safety.

Farmers need to ensure their trailers are safe and properly maintained, to avoid dangerous and costly accidents.

We support the farm safety initiative, Tilly Your Trailer, which involves an 18-point inspection to ensure trailers are safe enough to use on the roads.

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In Memory  of  Harry age 19, Tragically Killed in 2014 while Harvest working for G W Topham & Son from Cambridgeshire.  G W Topham & Son have been prosecuted & found Guilty in 2018 of failing to maintain its road equipment and ensure the health and safety of its employees.