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Day 4 Testimonial: Greens of Haddington Ltd are raising awareness of the dangers faulty or defective agricultural trailers pose to individuals, employees and other road users whenever they undertake a review.

Under the PUWER 98 Regulations all trailers (along with other machinery) must be maintained to an acceptable standard and be in good working order. Evidence of this maintenance will be required in the event of an HSE investigation following an accident.

The Tilly Pass scheme demonstrates that trailers are regularly maintained, bringing each trailer back to the manufacturer’s specification, ensuring compliance with the legislation and giving reassurance to the trailer owner that their trailer remains safe and fit for use.

This is the benchmark we should all be striving towards and in recognition of the Tilly Pass Campaign the HSE have given them their full backing.

It is beyond doubt that the Tilly Pass is the acceptable standard to which all agricultural trailer owners / users should aspire to and one which Greens of Haddington Ltd continues to support.


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