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Cancelation of The All Party Parliamentary Trailer Towing Group.

Unfortunately the November meeting has been canceled, due to Parliamentary events clashing with the proposed date. We hope to reschedule early in the new year.

The APPG focuses on important work with regards to light weight towing in the O2 3.5ton towing category covering licences, weights, maintenance record keeping and all items related to safer towing.

Working together regarding these areas of safety will result in changes to the trailer law for those that are "Typical found working on the farm". The light weight towing market is busy with many models being sold, mainly through agri dealerships and these are not being submitted for an annual inspection an this is seen to be unacceptable. The stop and checks we see across the UK are recording a number of faults that are submitted to the Minister for Transport for evaluation. The braking systems of these trailers are not only in need of an annual inspection and service but those working hard for extended time on the highway should be submitted for a six monthly health check. 98% of the trailers we see have a fault with their braking system and this can not continue.


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