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Agri Trailer Safety - Surrounded by Misinformation.

Where to start with this can of worms. We all hear it everyday the chat that leads to a variation of our legal requirements. When we had our Church clock repaired the tower rope work was subject to the #PUWER98Regs and so a whole morning of tests and precautions were put in place BEFORE any work could be started. Are lack of time or facilities a good enough reason as to why we in agriculture see some many life changing and fatal injuries? Or is it that we are an industry of corner cutters, oh yea that comes with being human, saving time, saving money, or are we just being MISINFORMED. these all lead us to the situation we find ourselves in today. Let's stop (after all it's a Sunday) and be truthful with ourselves do we really value others and our own lives enough or at all?


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