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A new British Standard for Agri Trailer Maintenance - Tilly Pass.

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The Tilly Pass. New British Standard for Maintenance - 15th December 2023 

New British Standard for Maintenance

In November 2023, the British Standards Institute [BSI] published a new standard number BS 14200: 2023 titled ‘Maintenance of Machinery – Specification’

This standard covers all powered or manual machinery and associated components that employers provide for use in their businesses and for which they have a legal duty to maintain in an efficient state, in efficient working order and in good repair as laid down in the

Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations: 1998.

BS 14200: 2023 specifies all the areas of maintenance that the ‘User’ needs to consider over the working life of their machinery. There is no definition of ‘User’ but it is clear that the ‘User’ is the person or organisation that owns or leases the machinery and either uses the machinery or directs the machinery to be used on their behalf to do work, usually on a

commercial basis. The ‘User’ should not be confused with the ‘Operator’ who has been tasked with operating the machinery on behalf of the ‘User’.

The Standard presents a number of maintenance regimes that can be employed by the ‘User’ over the lifetime of the machinery. It also assists with determining how long that lifetime

might be.

In the case of most Agricultural Machines, the Original Equipment Manufacturer [OEM] has often already determined the best maintenance schedule for the machine’s expected lifetime and provided details of this in the handbooks or literature supplied with the machine.

The ‘TILLY’ maintenance system already meets the specification of BS 14200: 2023 and provides reassurance to those participants who have their agricultural trailers checked on an annual basis by ‘TILLY’ approved competent persons. This does not mean that the ‘User’ can

ignore the periodic checks that are necessary to keep the machinery functioning properly throughout the year. It will be necessary to keep records to show that all periodic checks are being carried out and acted on should something require closer scrutiny or repair.

On legal matters, the Judiciary like clear guidance on how laws should be used and enforced.

This new Standard will assist the legal profession in determining if a ‘User’ has followed due process in ensuring that any machinery in question has been maintained in a way that meets

PUWER and the Health and Safety at Work etc Act: 1974 or if a lack of maintenance was a contributory factor in an accident.

Using the ‘TILLY’ system on an annual basis and a proper system of periodic checks for your

agricultural trailers will show that you, the ‘User’, took your responsibilities seriously.

Steve Simmons-Jacobs CEng, BSc Hons 

Mechanical Engineering Safety Consultant



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