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The truth behind unfit trailers towing on & off farm.

Did you know the Tilly Pass holds the central database of agri trailers and their maintenance records throughout their working life.

The on farm trend of turning a blind eye to unfit agri trailers that are being operated within a ring fenced environment, is seeing us heading towards #CornCart21 holding our breath.

🚜_FAILED/ Farmers are reminded that all failed trailers are 🚫 restricted from work they should not be towed on or off the farm, by themselves or any other. All FAILED trailers are recorded on the TillyPass central database & must meet the HSE PUWER98 Regs before returning to work. We are seeing a growing trend of farmers and managers releasing these trailers to farm workers as fit for work, this behaviour is completely unacceptable and a clear breach of their duty of care. #HeadtoTow


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