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Empowering the next generation of Young Farmers.

Over the last year the Tilly Pass has worked hard along with our Authorised technicians to strip & service Agri Trailers throughout the country. The question we are asked again & again is how do we find good dailey checks with this in mind we have developed a safety towing App #HeadToTow Along with

Bailey Trailers.

Broughan Trailers.

Harry West Trailers


Larrington Trailers.

Richard Western.

Stewart Trailers

Warwick Trailers

the App will be launched on 7th January 2020

at the LAMMA Show. Look out for the Banners & take the time to talk to the manufacturers About their recommendation.

load the App by visiting on your hand set click the link and load with code DZH LQT or visit the App Store load the WIX app and apply the code.


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