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Farming Connect showing Tilly Pass the ropes in Wales.

We have had a very busy November. Starting off by heading to North Wales to partner up with Diogelwch Farm Cymru. We were delighted to meet up with Eryl Roberts and Alun Elidyr who are ambassadors for Farming Connect

Our visit started by traveling to Dolgellau Mart on a dry bright day with expectations of meeting with farmers to talk general trailer safety. A large number of the trailers were as expected in the

light weight O2 - 3.5ton cat, this was the case numbering with well over 200 trailers turning up for the sale. We set up near the office and started to chat to fellow farmers in our limited Welsh (very limited) we received a very warm welcome, with lots of people stoping to chat about a cross section of farming related issues. Supporting the industry is a lot of what the Tilly Pass is about helping farmers throughout the UK to connect with a trusted source of information accessing the correct standard of maintenance across the board. We have been asked to attend more markets in the Spring and will be delighted to attend.


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